Worship God The Father

Worship God The Father!

Rarely do we hear a message, worship service, or prayer where someone is not giving all honor and praise to Jesus the Son instead of God the Father.

Do We Really Practice Forgiveness?

Do We Really Practice Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a subject that is often poorly taught. We tend to take it as something simple. But by understanding the complexities of forgiveness, we can then find ourselves walking closer with God and one another.

Pay Me According To My Works Lord

Reward Me According To My Works, Lord!

So you think the more you do the more you receive from God? Some do more good works, give more money, and give more time. Some gather more people and have more meetings and services. You think God is watching and saying to His Host, “Look at that busy little bee? They...
Is My Spirit Man Made Perfect?

There is a teaching you need to be aware of. It is a combination of two misunderstood verses. One is about our 'spirit man'. The other is your walk or behavior. I have written on this in the past. Still, I must elaborate a little at first to make things clear. Don't...

One of the messages I heard as a teen is that we are born sinners. If we don't know the truth about sin, we run a very serious risk of not being ready when the Lord Jesus returns.

Why Are We Called Christians

Why Are We Called Christians?

I am writing this article as something to consider or think about. I find myself often thinking of the ‘why' something is. Why are we called Christians?

What Does It Mean To Have Faith?

Faith. What does that word mean? What does it mean to have faith? How do we acquire it, use it, maximize it for our good?

We Are Promised The World!

Today, under the New Testament, we live in a different dispensation. How do many of those promises and blessings spoken under the former apply to this dispensation?

Living Free From Sin

This is a question that should be paramount in the minds of those who name the name of Christ. Can I live sin-free? We MUST know and be confident with the answer to this question! This question can be asked another way. Can we live without sinning? This question trips...
Church Hurt - Identity, Cause, And Solution

Many years ago, a new term began making it rounds in the Church World called ‘Church Hurt'. What is Church Hurt? How does it apply to me, and what can be done about it?